We only work with producers who guarantee environmental protection and sustainable production. We naturally maintain the same high standards we expect of others.


We document quality assurance and environmental protection in our operations through appropriate certification. In addition, we have developed our own internal and external standards. Premium quality, freshness and sustainability can be brought together under one roof. We are proof of that.




Energy & Climate

  • Reducing energy consumption by gradually replacing all electric light sources with LEDs will achieve an energy saving of up to 70% in this field over the next three years
  • Heat recovery systems for refrigeration units in all new buildings since 2009
  • Use of natural coolants (CO2) improves our carbon footprint
  • In-store refrigerator and freezer units are being especially fitted with doors to save energy

Materials & Waste

  • Recycling of polystyrene, cardboard and plastic waste in all branches
  • Polystyrene boxes for fish and frozen food are taken back, shredded, compressed and then recycled
  • Partial re-use of cartons for dispatch purposes
  • Reduction of secondary packaging

Social progress

  • Continuous increase in the training ratio
  • Support for initial training measures that act as bridges to vocational training for young people with placement problems
  • Continuous development of our training strategy
  • Training of young managerial personnel in internal trainee programmes and collaboration with cooperative universities in Baden-Württemberg (BHBW)
  • Implementation of a compliance management system with a code of conduct
  • Above-average ratio of women in management posts (approx. 35%)
  • Voluntary commitment within the framework of the Diversity Charter

Health & Safety

  • Company health management – in-house massages, reduced price membership of gyms.
  • All necessary safety measures, training courses on hygiene and health regulations
  • Reduction of work accidents. Long-term goal: no work accidents at all

Water and waste water

  • Water consumption is being reduced by various means, including state-of-the-art ice-making systems, motion-sensitive taps and efficient sanitary facilities