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    • Abelmann Fischfeinkost

    • Ablinger

    •   Agriform

      With Agriform, we have an exquisite producer of Grana Padano and Parmigiano Reggiano for our range. Grana Padano is a fine-grained hard cheese with a light to straw-yellow colour and a soft, mild yet distinctive flavour. Parmigiano Reggiano is matured for longer and has a strong yet delicious taste.

    •   AKI – Altonaer Kaviar Import Haus

      Altonaer Kaviar Import Haus (AKI) was founded in 1925 and is one of the world’s oldest and most experienced private importers and exporters of caviar. The premium selections of AKI come from the best and most renowned regions of the world specialising in farmed caviar, AKI also offers more economical and sustainable varieties.

    • Alis

    • Andechser Molkerei

    • Anova

    • Atry

    • Audiafood

    •   Axuria

      Label Rouge suckling lambs from the Pyrenees grow up in 40–45 days. The animals have access to the natural mountain meadows where they graze on grasses and herbs. Their young, pink meat with a tender texture is famed for its delicious flavour. Axuria suckling lambs are seasonably available between November and July.

    •   Bäuerliche Erzeugergemeinschaft Schwäbisch Hall

      The farming and growing community in Schwäbisch Hall uses only its own home-grown grains, ­vitaminenriched chalk and meal made from peas and beans. They are given only feed that comes from the region. The animals live as they should in bright, airy pens. Their somewhat darker meat is firm, exceptionally juicy and has a characteristically strong taste.

    • bindi

    • Bonduelle

    • Cailles Robin

    • Callebaut

    • Casa Rinaldi

    • Dahlhoff Feinkost

    • De Cecco

    • Délifrance

    •   Deraza

      This leading Spanish producer of Ibérico meat raises its semi-wild black pigs free-range. They feed mainly on barley, maize and wheat then later, when they come to the mountain meadows, they enjoy acorns and fresh grass. The acorns in particular bring about the ­unmistakeably delicate, nutty flavour of this tender, marbled meat.

    • DreiMeister

    • Elle & Vire

    •   Föhrer Muscheln

      Föhr Mussels are cultivated in the wadden sea on continuously monitored mussel beds. Straight after harvesting, they are de-gritted, washed, cleaned, cooled to two degrees in a saltwater cooling bath, packed alive and dispatched immediately. The result: plump, fleshy mussels with a pronounced fresh and hearty flavour.

    •   Francia

      Francia mozzarella is produced from an old recipe using traditional methods. This means that the cheese is still shaped by hand (the Italian word ‘moz­zare’ means to knead) and that no preservatives are used in the production process. The result is a natural, very smooth and delicious flavour.

    • Frisch & Frost

    •   Fromi

      Fromi has more than 40 years of experience in high-quality French cheese specialities. The market leader is well known for its particularly wide range of cheeses, as well as for its fine selection of ‘fromages affinés’. These perfectly ripe cheeses from small, independent producers are specially selected by the Mâitre fromager at Fromi.

    •   Giolito

      With its creamy gelati and sorbet specialities, the company Giolito is firmly committed to using the finest raw ingredients and only uses fresh milk and cream. It goes without saying that no artificial preservatives or colourings are used. The result is truly delicious ice cream that couldn’t be more natural and authentically Italian.

    • Gölles

    • Greenplan Products

    • Guenard 1824

    • Guyader

    •   Hafro – Hamburger Feinfrost

      Hamburger Feinfrost (HAFRO) is a quality-conscious importer of specialities from the sea with many years of experience and expertise. With its range of prawns, fish, seafood, finger food and dim sum, the company is one of the leading suppliers in the deep-frozen seafood sector and is the exclusive provider of high-pressure lobster.

    • heider beck

    • Hotgame

    • Huber Tirol

    • Jac. den Dulk & Zonen e. V.

    • Josef Maier

    • Käserei Lerchenmüller

    •   Keltenhof Salate

      Keltenhof handles the entire field cultivation and harvest of leaf salads, vegetables and herbs, as well as processing the products so that they are ready to cook. The freshness of the products is evident in their intense flavours, crispy leaves and vibrant colours. One of the many innovative and outstanding products from a culinary point of view is the micro-leaf salad.

    • Kettyle

    • Kluth

    •   Koppert Cress

      More than 20 varieties of cress, flowers and leaves from Koppert Cress have become an integral part of award-winning cuisine. They are created in the town of Monster in the Netherlands, using sustainable production techniques and organic plant protection methods. Each type of cress is unique with an intense flavour and decorative colour and shape.

    •   Krabben Bremer

      Founded in 1945, the family-run company started out processing north sea shrimps. Other delicacies from the sea were included in the range, but shrimps remain at the forefront of the long-standing company. After being caught, they are immediately sorted and cooked on the cutter and are processed exclusively in europe.

    • Kuglers Köstliche

    •   La Morocha

      The La Morocha Aberdeen Angus is raised in the Argentinian Pampas – with full freedom of movement and under the best natur­al conditions with no chemicals, concentrated feed or fatteners. The meat from the Aberdeen cow is exceptionally tender, aromatic and flavoursome, plus it is low in fat and has a very low cholesterol content.

    •   Lapinchen

      The low-fat and low-cholesterol rabbit meat supplied by companies owned by the Lammers family in the Eifel region of Germany is a delicacy of unsurpassable quality. Kept as these animals should be with no stress and fed on grains, the after products of milling grains and dried grass, Lapinchen products provide high-quality, healthy meat and the indulgence of one of Germany’s premium rabbit meat brands.

    • Läderach Confiseur

    • L.D.C. Charmilles

    •   Les Fermiers Landais

      The Fermiers Landais are the founders of the ‘Label Rouge’ seal of quality. Their poultry from the Landes region of southern France is raised in complete freedom in pine forests with sandy ground plenty of space to move around and a purely plant-based diet lend the meat a firm texture; it is rich in protein and juicy with an exceptionally fine flavour.

    • les vergers boiron

    • Lœul et Piriot

    • Maître CoQ

    • McCain

    • Montana

    • Mosna

    •   Oakleigh Ranch

      Wagyu (which translates as ‘Japanese cattle’) is the most ­exclusive beef in the world, boasting the finest quality and the healthiest meat. Oakleigh Ranch in Australia supplies five-star kitchens with quality Wag­yu beef. The animals are raised 100% naturally; the meat is unique with its intense marb­ling and is extremely tender. The flavour: exclusive, highly aromatic and packed with buttery herb flavours.

    •   OSCAR

      OSCAR Stocks and sauces offer constant high quality with natural, full-bodied flavours. The rich stock concentrates are produced from pure base products in accordance with the highest standards. They do not contain any genetically modified ingredients, flavour enhancers, preservatives or colourings, and are completely allergen-free.

    •   panExpert

      panExpert is a renowned supplier of hand-made bread delicacies as deep-frozen products. The traditional production process involves the meticulous selection of raw ingredients, such as the use of natural sea salt in many products. As a result, panExpert presents the perfect combination of convenience and unbeatable taste.

    • Pellorce & Jullien

    •   Peter's Farm

      These calves live as nature intended: in herds with plenty of space and freedom to move around. Each calf is provided with its own milk and raw feed from a feeding station­ and can decide its own feed intake. The Peter’s Farm principle results in an exceptionally tender, fine-grained and highly aromatic meat.

    •   Pilzgarten

      The name that stands for tasty and healthy mushrooms. Founded in 1996, the company has been ecologically minded right from the start, and since 2009 has been a member of the German Demeter association. It is now Germany’s largest mushroom farm. The most important mushroom in the range is the king trumpet mushroom. Like all the others, it is characterised by its fresh, excellent organic quality.

    • Pom' Alliance

    • Randall Parker Foods

    • Romina

    • Rougié

    •   Royal Greenland

      Royal Greenland is one of the world’s leading seafood producers. The company owns a range of processing trawlers and smaller fishing vessels that fish along the coasts of greenland, norway, russia, canada and alaska. Compliance with catch quotas and the traceability of every product all the way back to the catch region go without saying.

    •   Rustichella d’Abruzzo

      Since 1924, Rustichella d’Abruzzo has been dedicated to the creation of the finest pasta following age-old traditions. In its production, high-quality durum wheat and fresh spring water from Abruzzo are used. The pasta is pulled through bronze plates and gently dried at a low temperature for up to 50 hours. The result is truly excellent pasta with a firm bite and a full-bodied flavour.

    • Saint Kerber

    • SalMartins

    • Sandelmann

    • Savel

    • Schwälbchen Frischdienst

    •   Schwyzer Milchhuus

      Milchhuus AG from Schwyz is a traditional and typically Swiss company. All their cheeses are exceptionally pure and natural. They are gluten-free and are produced without the use of genetic engineering, either in the feed for the cows or during processing.

    • Silver Fern Farms

    • Skagerak Salmon A/S

    • Slaney Valley

    • Société Normande de Volaille

    • Sultan Trade

    • Surgital

    • Swiss Gourmet

    • Taste of Sweden

    •   Tressini

      Since 1996, Tressini has been producing fresh pasta ­following original Italian recipes. The range includes all classic forms, such as tortellini, ravioli, ta­gliatelle and gnocchi. The filled varieties contain a range of ingredients, such as meat, fish and even fruit. This offer is completed­ by trendy and seasonal products.

    • Urbani Tartufi

    • Valrhona

    • Villette Viandes

    • Vinos Baron

    • Vitali

    • Viviers Armor

    •   Vulcano

      The manufacturer of indulgence products in the eastern part of the Styria in Austria creates award-winning fine ham products. The fleshy Vulca­no pigs are raised in conditions perfectly suited to the species. Sea salt and the company’s own blend of herbs followed by a maturing period of up to 27 months result in ham with a unique flavour.

    • Weylander

    • Yin Seafood

    •   ZwyerCaviar

      Le Premier caviar ethique™ – ZwyerCaviar originates exclusively from sturgeon cultivated in species-appropriate aquaculture. Using dynamic water flow systems, the wild aquafarms in Uruguay and Italy are species-appropriate and guarantee 100% transparency and traceability on social and ecological issues. As a result, ZwyerCaviar offers elegant and expressive varieties from baeri and oscietra to the finest beluga caviar.

    •   1001 Gewürze

      The Hamburg-based spice manufacturer uses the finest raw spices from all over the world to produce top-quality, natural mixes that are completely free from flavour enhancers, preservatives and colourings. The range of spice aromas spans from sensual and oriental through citrus-fresh and herby to fiery and hot. Every single one is a unique culinary experience.