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a clear conscience.


Our QSFP, Gourmaître Delicatessen and FrischeParadies brands allow us to maintain our own controlled standards with regard to naturalness, quality and sustainability.

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Qualité Supérieure Sélectionnée pour FrischeParadies – our own premium label.

Only products selected with the greatest of care are distinguished with the QSFP seal of premium quality and freshness. The great demand from both the gastronomy trade and hobby chefs tells us that we have struck an important nerve. That motivates us to continue surprising you with new, special QSFP products, like:

Look forward to further outstanding QSFP ideas – just pay a regular visit to our website. Additional information is also provided in our QSFP product flyers.

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superior quality

The FrischeParadies brand.

In keeping with our principle “The best of everything”, our own FrischeParadies brand offers delicacies of truly superior quality.

Hand-salted smoked salmon specialities made in the traditional way, exquisite high-quality salads from small producers or shrimps and seafood caught in the wild.

The highest standards of safety, premium quality and pure enjoyment are guaranteed. Innovative heavenly delights will continue to await you in the future in your search for the very best of everything.